About Martial Arts Near You USA

Martial Art Near You is inviting Martial Art Instructors and Martial Art Schools in the USA to join our successful health and fitness online class finders. It's the first comprehensive Martial Art class finder in the USA. The website is not restricted to any one form of Martial Art. Giving people more choice across a a range of styles and levels.

Martial Art Near You USA, is an easy to use website loaded with on-line marketing tools to help Martial Art instructors teachers and Martial art Clubs and schools in the USA reach a growing number of Americans looking to take up Martial Arts in a town or city where they live or work.

Martial Art Near You You USA is a responsive website designed for mobile, making it easy to reach people on the move.

In Janaury 2017 we launched the NearYou website and iPhone App where you can find classes for a range of activities in the USA and UK.
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The concept is simple it helps people find Martial Arts classes where they live or work on a day and time to suit them. Its fast and its accurate.

NearYou® Trusted by the Martial Art Health and Fitness Community.

Martial Art Near You USA uses a tried and tested NearYou ® class finder format first launched in the UK in 2010. Its a trusted market place for Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Dance and instructors and schools. Its growing fast with thousands of teachers, instructors, studios and gyms using the platform to promote their health and fitness businesses.

Martial Art Near You USA launched in January 2017 follows the successful launch of Yoga Class Near You and Pilates Near You launched in the United States in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

The website is supported by hundreds of Martial Art instructors across the states where they can list list and promote Martial Art classes, workshops, competitions and events.

Take a peek at the UK Martial Art website click here.

Martial Art Near You USA is like having a great marketing assistant.

"The folk at NearYou are great. Helpful and informative. They send invaluable emails containing marketing advice. They also encourage us to keep promoting ourselves and keep our profiles alive. Just got to work out how they can make us coffee!"