Chimaev vs Diaz Showdown in Vegas this weekend

7th September 2022

Chimaev vs Diaz Showdown in Vegas this weekend

UFC 279 T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas Saturday 10th September.

Chimaev vs Diaz expected at main card around 10PM ET


Kamzat chimaev will be fighting Nate Diaz this weekend. It is a huge fight that is surrounded by a lot of controversy. Nate Diaz is a legend and this will be his last UFC fight since his contract has run out. It is definitely going to be an interesting fight for him.

Khamzat Chimaev is an animal in the ring and he made easy meat of his opponents rising rapidly through the ranks of the UFC welterweight division. Khamzat fighting reputation has spread from nowhere, many fighters have been reluctant to take him on.

Khamzat the UFC Wolf.

In his last five fights he has dominated his opponents except Gilbert Burns. He picked fighters up and rag-dolled them around the ring. He also had a great media team behind him producing content that made Khamzat even scarier focusing his intense training regime, stories from his past in a war-torn country Chechnya.

In the videos it describes how Khamzat now a Swedish citizen was exposed to violence and death and destruction from a very young age. He would often fight with kids in his neighbourhood. Now he has the nickname of the “Wolf”. 

Khamzat is in amazing condition and hungry to win the belt

This fight could end badly for Nate Diaz. 

Nate Diaz will be retiring (out of contract) after this fight so he has no reason to train hard except to preserve his dignity.

Diaz, aged 37, a native of Stockton, CA won "The Ultimate Fighter" in 2007. with the UFC and has competed against Clay Guida, Donald Cerrone, Jim Miller, Gray Maynard, and Conor McGregor. Since the McGregor bouts in 2016, Diaz has only fought three times (twice in 2019 and once in 2021). 

He lost his last fight against in 2021 against Leon Edwards at UFC 263.

He is the underdog going into this fight, but he was also an underdog when he came up against Conor McGregor. His fights against Conor McGregor will go down in UFC history and he has many other fights that have been amazing spectacles to watch. 

This could be another one this weekend. He could put on a great show and remind us all why we love him so much.

As a fan what I appreciate the most about Nate Diaz is his authenticity, and how the fame and success has not changed him. In and out of the ring Nate Diaz has been entertaining to UFC fans around the world and on social media. His habit of smoking big blunts has become iconic in the meme world, and his gangsta like persona has captured people's attention.

He is unique and the UFC needs more fighters like him.

Most people are expecting Khamzat to win this fight. 

Khamzat is much younger, hungrier, with a future in the welterweight division. Khamzat in a recent video said “The UFC want me to kill the guy, and I will do that this weekend”. I do not doubt his intention BUT be prepared for a shock. 

Diaz is one tough cookie!

Diaz could easily surprise us all, and defeat Khamzat. Some fans may be preparing a funeral march for Nate Diaz. However, Diaz could be the undertaker.

Can he shock the world and earn a Performance of the Night bonus thanks to a win against Khamzat Chimaev?

Whatever happens this weekend this will be an exciting fight night. 

Both fighters will give it all and have a good reason to fight hard. Hopefully, Nate Diaz doesn't take too much unnecessary damage before he retires, and maybe we will even see a surprise Nate Diaz win which will inspire all the underdogs in life around the world.

Everyone feels for Nate being matched with Khamzat the Wolf, but Nate has not turned the fight down and hopefully he is fighting fit for this weekend. We look forward to this fight, and will be tuning in this weekend.

Where to watch Kamzat Chimaev V Nate Diaz this weekend.

The FIGHT prelims take place at 6:15 p.m. ET, with the prelims going on after at 8 p.m. ET. The main card goes live at 10 p.m. ET. Chimaev and Diaz should make their way to the octagon around 12:15 a.m. ET, depending on how long the undercard fights last.

Main card at 10pm ET 7pm PT on live on ESPN+ PPV.

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