How Martial Arts classes can help you lose weight

10th May 2017

How Martial Arts classes can help you lose weight
Why do you train and workout? What's your goal? For many it might be a hobby, for others it might be to stay fit. However for many, the goal of their workout routine is to lose weight.

Going to your local gym and running on the treadmill can be effective, but it can also be very boring. This is the reason many fitness goals are not achieved. It's important to stay motivated and interested in what you are doing, so by trying an exercise that is more diverse and exciting, there is a better chance of hitting your targets.

Martial Arts Classes for fitness

More gyms and personal trainers are beginning to incorporate Martial Arts techniques into their workouts. Given the effectiveness of Martial Arts, it's really no surprise. Styles like boxercise and cardio-kickboxing have become extremely popular. Many trainers are also using punchbags and focus mits in there sessions as well.

Most martial arts classes include high intensity drills and exercises that improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness. These classes usually last around an hour and are effective at burning large amounts of calories, therefore it's the perfect exercise for anyone looking to lose weight.

As well as losing weight, your body will also improve in terms of strength, power and flexibility. This will increase your overall fitness. Martial Arts training often incorporates push ups, squats and other body weight exercises.

As a result of all of these fitness benefits, martial artists are widely regarded as being amongst the fittest athletes in the world. Practitioners of Judo and Karate are also considered to be pound for pound the strongest and most flexible athletes in the world.

Which styles of Martial Arts are the best for weight loss?

Muay Thai Classes

Muay Thai burns the most calories of any Martial Arts style in an average sessions. It comprises of kicks, flicks, knees and elbows and is a commonly used fighting style within UFC. Training for Muay Thai usually consists of developing punching/kicking, as well as agility and and conditioning. Sessions are intense and very hard work, but that's why the results are so good.

Combat Fitness Classes

As mentioned above, Martial Arts fitness classes such as boxercise and cardio-kickboxing have become very popular. They incorporate best Martial Arts techniques whilst taking away the combat element that many people do not enjoy. Most combat fitness classes are inspired by mixed martial arts, with techniques taken from multiple disciplines. The sessions help to tone key muscle groups of the body and can burn up to 750 calories in a 50 minute session!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes

BJJ is another style that is heavily featured within UFC. It's characterised by throws and take downs rather than kicking and striking. BJJ is all about grappling and combat on the mat. Classes are very physically demanding and being fit is incredibly important. Sessions will teach you how to use your power effectively and also how to combat a bigger opponent.

Mixed Martial Arts classes

Mixed Martial Arts is pretty self explanatory, it covers a big of everything and that's what makes it effective for fitness and weight loss. It combines the best elements of all the styles we mentioned above. The explosive power of BJJ, the intensity of Muay Thai and the stamina of classes like boxercise. UFC fighters are some of the fittest in the world and this due to the style of training they undertake.

How to find a local martial arts class

On Martial Arts Near You there are a range of martial arts classes, martial arts instructors and martial arts clubs across the USA.

To find a martial arts fitness class that can help you achieve your goals, simply downloading the NearYou App for iPhone and iPad, and searching using your zipcode to find local classes.

Alternatively, you can head to the homepage of this website and search using your location. Once you've found a suitable class, you can easily book yourself a place online.