How parents can stop their children being bullied

15th October 2019

How parents can stop their children being bullied

Bullying, can be anything from verbal abuse, physical intimidation, in-person or online. The 2018 Annual bullying survey in the past year 1-in-5 of all young people have witnessed bullying within the past 12-months, with 50% of them witnessing it at least once a month.

Bullying has always been with us, anti-bullying week highlights the impact it has on young people in particular.

Anti-Bullying Week starts 11th - 15th November.

Awareness is one thing, posters, banners and flyers may highlight the impact of bullying. In this blog we focus on what parents can do to help their teenagers overcome bullying.

Key age groups are 12 – 15 years old. The survey indicates that it impacts on studies, social life, self-esteem.

How parents can stop bullying

According to the 2018 survey 59% of bullying was caused by classmates. Demographics indicates that white females are more likely to suffer from bullying. This of courses maybe that they are more likely to respond to surveys, than males.

The key question is how can young people overcome bullying at school, in the class room and on the streets. If you are waiting for the government then you could be waiting along time and little will happen. So it's up to parents to take action.

The figures that parents tend to be aware of their children being bullied. Something like 54% of parents know their children are being bullied.

Parents should discuss any bullying incident with your children. Open up a line of communication where they are happy to talk about what is happening.

A simple step to prevent bullying

Enrol your children in a martial arts class. If you know or suspect your children are being bullied then you should take action. Many martial arts clubs work with schools and teenagers. They have a tradition of helping build self esteem, confidence, and self defence techniques.

What your child will learn

Parents can enrol their children with a Martial Arts Club and get a set of skills to help them deal with school bullies and street crime.

  • Self Defence self-protection techniques
  • Anti-Bullying at school
  • Conflict resolution how to defuse situations
  • Building confidence and how to lose the fear factor
  • Improve self-confidence and cognitive skills

Check out your local Martial Art Club for classes, anti-bullying courses and seminars on Martial Arts Near You.

Anti-Bullying for Females

The perception that Martial Arts is for boys is no longer true. Martial Arts is popular amongst females, in fact some clubs have more female classes than male. Females now represent Team GB at the highest levels and females are actively encouraged to get involved.

Teenage girls are one of the largest groups afflicted by bullying it makes sense to enrol them in anti-bullying or a self-defence class and give them the skills to protect themselves.

Anti-Bullying self Help

Give your teenagers the skills to overcome bullying at school or on the street. Traditional martial arts clubs have a strong reputation in helping teenagers overcome the problem and teach self discipline and respect to potential bullies.

Stop bullies bullying

Teenagers often bully because they grow faster than other kids around them. They may mature physically quicker but their social skills maybe under developed.

As a result they may bully other classmates or even friends. By enrolling them into Martial Arts classes they will learn respect for others, understand discipline, socialise and become better citizens.

If you are a parent and aware that your teenager is bullying, then enrol them in Martial Arts. Many teenagers who take up MA extoll the virtues of the discipline, often leading to better more fulfilled lives, keeping out of trouble, developing better relationships with their families.

Enrol your teenager today

You can search for martial arts classes Near Me. Search for anti-bullying classes, self defence or look for class for teenagers or beginners classes. Some clubs will run anti-bullying events or seminars. They tend to be very popular so please book early.