How to find a Karate class for your children

27th June 2017

How to find a Karate class for your children
For many years now, Karate has been one of the most popular Martial Arts worldwide.

Not a huge amount is known about when Karate was first created, some say it came from India, others from China. What we do know is that it it first became established in Okinawa in the 14th century.

However, it got most popular after Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Shotokan Karate popularized the martial arts style in Japan. As a style, it teaches how to use the body effectively to generate power. This allows you to deliver powerful attacks that drive the opponents back.

Karate is set to get even more popular following it's introduction to the Olympics. For the first time ever, Martial Artists will be going for gold at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Why karate is great for kids

Karate classes are great for all ages, but they are very popular with children. Classes help to build up fitness, improve conditioning and develop greater muscle power. It's recommended that kids do at least 30 minutes exercise a day, so two karate classes a week would go a long way to contributing towards that.

As a martial art, it is great for beginners as it promotes the use of natural posture and alignment. This makes it easy and safe to learn, just another reason why it's popular with kids.

For kids, Martial Arts is also a great way to encourage socializing with other children and this in turn allows them to develop personal conviction and become more confident among peers. The structure of martial arts is beneficial. By working hard and practicing, they are able to earn better grades and belts. This conditions them towards working hard in the future to attain better results.

It also teaches conflict resolution. Unfortunately, bullying happens, particularly between children. By knowing conflict resolution and to an extent self defense, it is easier to remove yourself or avoid situations such as this.

What you should consider

It's not all about the children enjoying it, it's also about practicality for you! So consider a few of the following things when choosing a class:

- Budget - It's not just the class, it's also protective gear, clothing and possibly entrance fees for exams.

- Travel - If it's an evening class, you may not have time for a long commute across town. Check out nearby public transport or whether there is parking. Small details matter.

- Age - Some clubs have lots of different programs for different age groups. Make sure you check closely that there are suitable ones for your kids, especially if you want more than one to take part.

How to find a karate class in the USA

If you're looking to give Karate a try yourself or find a karate class for children, then there are lots of clubs in the USA for you to choose from.

To find a class, simply download the 'NearYou' iPhone App and enter your location to see what Martial Arts classes are available in your area. Alternatively, head to the website homepage and enter your zip code.

Once you've found a suitable class, you can contact the instructor to find out more.
Source: Martial Arts Near You