Krav Maga is the street smart Martial Art

14th June 2017

Krav Maga is the street smart Martial Art
Ever heard of Krav Maga but weren't quite sure what it is? It's the self-defence martial art that is soaring in popularity.

It's often referenced in popular culture. It crops up in an episode of How I Met Your Mother, The League and in The Big Bang Theory, a woman claims it's taught her “100 ways to rip a man's nuts off”, and who are we to argue? That's just a few examples.

It's really caught on as a form of practical self-defence that is fun to learn. Women in particular have taken to it. The Israeli martial art has become one of the go-to styles for for self-defence across the globe.

Krav Maga – The Martial Art with Street Smarts

The premise behind Krav Maga is pretty simple, go for the weak spots. Krav Maga Instructors teach moves that are applicable in real life situations. In a dangerous situation, there are no rules and anything that can be used to your advantage, should be.

The moves taught will help you to effectively defend yourself, however the style also teaches how to have a great awareness of your surroundings and spotting danger. The important part is that the end result is safety. Whether you have to grab a bottle off of a bar and hit someone with it, or quickly strike them in a sensitive area, the end result is you get away unscathed. This is why it is known as the 'street smart martial art'. It's quick, there are no rules and certainly no such thing as a cheap shot.

Krav Maga classes teach students the basics of how to disable and disarm an opponent, as well as gaining control of hostile situations, particularly against larger opponents. It will teach techniques to break holds, defend against kicks and punches and show you how to protect yourself against attacks from behind. Unlike more traditional arts, size doesn't matter. Most people who are attacked are victimised because they are perceived as smaller or weaker. Krav Maga Instructors will teach you how to use your own body weight to your advantage and get maximum output on your kicks and punches. This renders size meaningless and gives you every chance of defending yourself.

From Israel to Hollywood - Krav Maga and the film industry

Krav Maga has been widely used in the film industry. Many stars in action films are given training to practice for combat sequences. It's used heavily in big blockbuster hits such as Taken and X Men. It helps to deliver realistic fight scenes, which might not apply to X-Men as much, but in a film such as Taken with lots of street-fighting this is important.

It's also grown a celebrity trend, for fitness, safety and weight loss. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig is a big advocate of Krav Maga, Leonardo Di Caprio trained in it before his role in Blood Diamond, as did Brad Pitt before By The Sea. Female stars such as Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider), Jessica Chastain (The Debt) and Jennifer Lopez (Enough) have also used it heavily.

Sopranos star James Gandolfini was also a lover of Krav Maga and summed it up nicely...

“What I like about Krav Maga is that it is a self-defence class that teaches practical self-defence, not the origins of the universe."

It's not traditional or historic like many martial arts, but it's effective and gets the job done. That's a big part of its appeal.

How to find a Krav Maga class

With Krav Maga proving more popular with each passing day, finding a class is becoming easier. There are lots of qualified Krav Maga instructors across the USA offering classes for all age groups and experience levels.

To find a local class, download the NearYou App for iPhone and iPad.
Source: Martial Arts Near You