Martial Arts Classes for Anger Management

30th May 2017

Martial Arts Classes for Anger Management
It's very easy to lose your temper. Even the most calm and assured of us blow a fuse every now and again. However everyone copes and reacts in very different ways.

Some people will bottle it up and keep a calm exterior, but be burning with rage on the inside. Others will scream and shout. Some will take to physical action, whether it be towards to an inanimate object or another person.

Every one of us has has a physical reaction to anger, it's just human nature. What is important, is that we can take the right action to curb it and stay calm.

Anger has a number of physical symptoms:

- Increased blood pressure
- Tight chest
- Headaches
- Fatigue
- Tingling

How common are anger management problems?

Way more common than you might think. Many people claim to not have a temper, but if someone pushes the right buttons, then anyone can lose it. In fact, 1 in 10 people self-admit to not being able to contact their anger.

Even worse, 1 in 5 people have admitted to ending a relationship because of the way someone has acted while angry.

What Triggers Anger Problems?

There are few triggers in particular that seem to be a common factor.

Technology Rage

There's nothing worse than when your phone or computer just won't work and you can't figure out why. 50% of people admit to reacting to technology problems by abusing colleagues, screaming or physically attacking the computer.

Road Rage

This is highly unsurprising. Even some of the quietest people have their patience pushed to the limit by fellow motorists. Last year, nearly 80% of drivers sampled admitted to having experienced road rage at least once in the past 12 months.

Alcohol rage

Other people just have a quick temper when they drink. Whilst they may often be calm and collected, with the right amount of alcohol consumed, even the littlest things can become irritating. Statistically, people with anger problems are 2.7 times more likely to drink or smoke.

The benefits of Martial Arts classes for Anger Management

A great way to curb the rage is with a Martial Arts class. Whatever Martial Arts style you learn, it will teach two core principles: self control and discipline.

The theory behind this is that as a student learns combat skills and realise his potential for destruction, the need to learn self-control becomes important. This is why martial arts instructors are keen to get across to their students that Martial Arts is not about knowing how to fight, it's about knowing how to defend yourself. Just because you can throw someone over your shoulder, it doesn't mean that you should.

There are a range of Martial Arts disciplines that would be a good anger management tool,but some in particular stand out as being effective.

Boxing and Kickboxing are both great ways to release anger, especially because you can take the anger out on a punch-bag or touch pads and not necessarily on another person.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu would also be an effective martial arts class for anger management. It is a grappling based discipline so will see you locked into awkward positions. You could be being choked, smothered or pinned down and you've got no choice but to deal with it. This will help you develop composure in difficult circumstances, something you can take into other life situations.

Another Martial Arts style that can be effective is Tai Chi. Tai Chi is very different because it's not a combat-style. It's a soft art that combines deep-breathing and relaxation. It's become a stress relief exercise that builds on Martial Arts style movements and it's great for balance, muscle strength and anger management.

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