Martial Arts Trends 2018

28th December 2017

Martial Arts Trends 2018
Every January, local martial arts instructors will be opening new classes and running new martial arts events that have never been seen before. But as a customer, how are you expected to keep up with the latest trends? What do you look for? Luckily for you, Martial Arts Near You is here to help. This handy guide will talk you through what we expect to become popular in 2017 and how you can book yourself in.

It's time you broke away from the fitness trends of the past and challenge yourself with an exciting new keep fit approach. If you're looking for something different to your average local karate class or nearby Taekwondo class, this is the guide for you.

Here are our hand picked trends that we expect to take off in 2018:

Boxing Classes

We have seen a dramatic rise in people searching for boxing and kick boxing classes towards the end of 2017. We put this down to the coverage of big fights that have put boxing back in the public eye once again. The glamour of this showbiz events has really captured peoples imagination.

MMA Classes

MMA continues to grow, with more people searching for MMA this year than ever before. Publicity, controversy and big personalities has created a greater media presence and hype for the sport. MMA stars such as Connor Mcgregor, the master of pre fight entertainment, has turned MMA fights in to huge spectacles. For example, he is believed to have pocketed a massive $58.2m from the mega-bout against Floyd Mayweather earlier this year. You might not like his style, but one things for sure – he generates a ton of publicity for MMA!

Tai Chi Classes

One of the biggest surprises of 2017 – Thai Chi was one of the most searched for classes! This Chinese Martial Art style is finding favour with seniors and those who want to experience the gentler sides of martial arts. It doesn't generate much publicity, but there's a growing demand for sure.

Self-Defence Classes

Understandably the demand for self defence classes has grown throughout the year. There has been an increase in street violence over the previous year. As the population wake up to this growing threat, we will see a big jump in people looking for self defence classes.

Hybrid Martial Arts Classes

We are expecting to see a range of new hybrid classes enter the market in 2018. For example, a growing number of clubs have very recently introduced cage fighting and cage fitness to their schedule. This workout involves using heavy bags with a routine of upper and lower body workout that can cater for various fitness levels.

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