More women should take a Martial Arts class

28th April 2017

More women should take a Martial Arts class
In recent years, martial arts classes have soared in popularity with women. With a growing demand for learning self-defense and the emergence of Martial Arts-Fitness fusion styles such as Boxercise and Piloxing, more and more women are using it to get there weekly fix of fitness.

People have begun to realise that Martial Arts isn't just for men or boys and it isn't simply about fighting or aggression. It has a huge amount of value and can teach other vital life skills.

The recent success of professional female Martial Artists is also part of the reason that more have begun taking it up. Ronda Rousey was and arguably still is, the biggest start in the UFC. Here very public profile and impressive career and inspired many to try combat sports.

Why is Martial Arts good for women?

Increased Confidence

As you continue to attend a women's martial arts class, you'll find yourself improving. This boosts confidence, especially if you keep getting better. The results of working out will soon impact your body, too, leaving you leaner, more toned and in better shape than when you started. For example in just one Muay Thai class you can burn up to 1,000 calories and fitness-based classes like kickboxing and boxcercise are the same.

Self Defense

One of the most vital life skills that can be learnt. It's important to know how to be aware of your surroundings, knowing how to sense danger before you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Just being safe in the knowledge that you know you can defend yourself means you'll feel far more at ease when alone, especially at night. Most self defense styles such as Krav Maga and Aikido are extremely simple to learn and really are worthwhile.

You'll make great friends

One of the main things that cause dropouts and non-returns to fitness classes is the lack of social aspect. However, Martial Arts always requires you to engage with other students to practice. It's not really something you can learn on your own, at least not if you want to be any good at it. Making friends, or taking friends, is a great way to keep your interest levels up.

Mental Toughness

Like most sports, Martial Arts requires the right attitude. It requires discipline, mental toughness and focus. In fact the mental aspect of Martial Arts training is just as important as learning the physical side. Being able to show restraint in confrontational situations is important. Just because you know how to throw someone over your shoulder, doesn't mean you should.

Love Yourself

It's amazing what your body can do. You may only be small, but you'd be surprised with the right raining how powerful you can be. Training in martial arts will help you learn what your body is capable of, to respect it and treat it well. This will lead to a healthier lifestyle outside of your classes.

What martial arts style is best for women?

This really depends on what you want to achieve. If the aim is to get fit then you want to consider martial arts styles such as kickboxing, boxercise, muay thai or just any general combat fitness training.

However, if self-defense is the aim, then Krav Maga classes for women are very popular, as are other self defense styles such as Aikido, Wing Chun and Jiu Jutsu.

If you're just looking to have a bit of fun without any real aim, then there are literally thousands of styles to choose from. Traditionally, Taekwondo, Judo and Karate are some of the most popular.

Where can I find a women's martial arts class?

Martial Arts Near You is the place to find a women's martial arts class! Recently launched in the States, there are already lots of different classes around the country being advertised, with only more to come. So if you're looking for a jiujitsu class in California, a judo class in Texas or a Hapkido class in New York, there's only one place to look!

Simply visit the homepage of the website and enter your location. Once you've done that, search to find the instructors in your local area. You can then contact them and find more information about their club and classes.

Alternatively, if you're using an Apple Device, you can download our handy App, NearYou, to find local classes.
Source: Martial Arts Near You