The Complete Guide To Beginners Martial Arts

11th April 2017

The Complete Guide To Beginners Martial Arts
Joining a Martial Arts class can be a little intimidating if it's your first time! You don't quite know what to expect and you don't want to accidentally end up in the same class as Conor McGregor!

Luckily for you, Martial Arts Near You has conducted this handy beginners guide which includes some top tips you need to know before your first class, the benefits you can expect to experience, a quick guide to some of the best martial arts classes for beginners and where you can easily find a local martial arts dojo.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of Martial Arts:

It's a total body workout – Stamina, flexibility, strength, balance, muscle tone.. Martial arts works it all!

Self Confidence – Due to the goal setting nature and positive reinforcement in a martial arts gym, often the greatest benefit that a student reports is an increase in self confidence. Naturally, if you challenge yourself to achieve something outside of your comfort zone and complete it, it will be very gratifying.

Focus – As Bruce Lee famously said.. Behind the punches and the kicks, a true martial artist learns to sit with himself and see where his weaknesses are. You will reap the benefits of being able to maintain focus in all areas of your life.

Weight Loss – A single martial arts session at a moderate intensity can burn up to 500 calories! More importantly, you'll find your natural eating signals become better regulated so cravings will vanish and you'll eat less as a result.

Happiness! - Researchers have found that participating in a regular exercise routine will improve your mood dramatically. Martial Arts are a great way to release the endorphins caused by physical activity and can remain in your body for hours after exercising.

Top tips for martial arts beginners:

Arrive 10 minutes early – It's worth arriving 10 minutes early so you can have a chat with one of the instructors and fill out a registration form. It's also a good chance to watch the class before if there is one, and ask any questions.

Bring a friend – People feel more confident when they come with someone they know who will help to keep them motivated.

What you wear – Unless you're told otherwise, wear a loose fitting t shirt and jogging bottoms/shorts to your first class. Usually you will be able to get the uniform there.

Refreshments – Bring a drink and stay hydrated!

Which martial arts styles are best for beginners?

Jiu Jitsu – A lot of people take up martial arts for self defence purposes. If this is you, then finding a local Jiu Jitsu class is a great option. Jiu Jitsu focuses on using the opponents strength, weight and force of attach again them. This means you can subdue an attacker who is considerably larger than yourself.

Kung Fu – Another popular reason why people take up martial arts is because they're looking to exercise. All martial arts styles are great for this, but a safe bet are kung fu classes. Kung Fu is a great all round body work out that utilizes low stances and powerful blocks. If you're really looking to burn some calories, then Muay Thai classes are a great option.

Taekwondo – Taekwondo is the worlds most popular martial art. This could largely be down to its inclusion in the Olympics since 1988. Taekwondo is all about disciplining yourself to make your movements fluid and graceful yet deliberate. Taekwondo classes are extremely popular as they are a great way of teaching self control (to children or adults).

Krav Maga – Krav Maga is still relatively new compared to a lot of martial arts styles. It was developed by the Israeli Defense Forces to be used in real life situations. In addition to the usual kicking and punching, it also teaches you how to disarm attackers with knives and guns. Krav Maga classes are growing increasingly popular and we expect to see this grow further.

How can I find a local martial arts class?

All you need to do to find a local martial arts gym is search using your location on Martial Arts Near You. Whether you're looking for martial arts class in New York, or martial arts classes in Los Angeles there will be something for you.

Once you have searched, you can view your local martial arts instructors qualifications and experiences before deciding which teacher is best for you. Once you have done this, all you need to do is drop them an email using the orange contact button.

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Source: Martial Arts Near You